The Butterflies in My Stomach Are….



This is how my stomach used to feel on amusement park rides 🙂

So this weekend I got an invitation from one of my friends to go to an amusement park in Seoul. I was really excited because I haven’t seen these friends in forever and I have not been to an amusement park in Korea yet.

Lotte World in Seoul is a very popular amusement park that was such an amazing place to go to. There were tons of rides and things to do. One of our first rides was a roller coaster that looked ok, not too scary compared to other coasters I have been on before. When it came for us to go on the ride I started to get a little nervous as usually I get really bad butterflies in my stomach while on rides. This feeling I have a love/hate relationship with because I love the feeling but I also get nervous thinking about it.

Off we went as the ride started. It was a lot of fun but when it came to the twisters and turns and 360 circles we went through I didn’t feel a thing. My head was freaking out waiting for the excitement from my head to my toes to happen yet the feeling stopped at my neck. I thought it was a bit strange I didn’t get the same feeling as I used to get on rides but I just shrugged it off thinking it was because the ride wasn’t scary enough.

Another ride we went on was super intense. The ride went in circles as it would swing from side to side almost turning in 360 degree circle. I thought for sure it would bring back to scary ride feeling I used to get. When the ride started the anticipation was killing me. We kept going higher and higher and finally we were as high as the ride would go. Again I felt nothing in my stomach. My head was freaking out but nothing else happened. It was then I thought maybe it was my band that was changing the way I felt on rides. Usually these butterflies would come from the bottom of my stomach and work up but now I felt nothing. Hmmmm has the band taken those butterflies away?

Ride after ride after ride, again and again, I finally gave up trying to get the same excitement I used to get on rides. It wasn’t disappointing but interesting to see that I can handle rides better then I used to. I am no longer scared to do the craziest rides there are out there. I guess this means it is time to search for that bungee jumping places for my summer jump ( reward for reaching my goal 🙂 ).

Any thoughts on these butterflies? Has anyone else experienced this?


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