2 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck: Too Much, Too Fast :(


So I can honestly say that things are back to normal for me. I have no problems moving around, bending down, going up and down stairs etc. I am almost back into my normal routine. The only thing I have really been missing is the gym.

So to keep in order of recent events I’ll start with my stomach this week. Everything was looking good. My stitches were ready to be removed and the staples were even being so unbelievably itchy. My stomach wasn’t that swollen but I knew that there was some fluid still in my stomach I wanted to get removed.

Yesterday I made the trip and had the stitches and staples removed. It was of course not comfortable at all. Everything is looking good but I did have to have some fluid removed from my stomach. Luckily it wasn’t that much and it was a healthy colour meaning I have no infection in me yyyayyyy 🙂 There is still some fluid but I was told that the fluid will go away after a while.

Though I am doing good,  I have been a little more active then usual. The last 3 days I have honestly only been home about 10 hours. Between work, doctors, dentist, trip to the vet in Seoul, bar night, party night and trip to get my stitches removed I have been going non-stop. I haven’t even had much time to sleep or eat.

Thursday and Friday’s activities were ok but come Saturday night after only sleeping 2 hours Friday night then running around Seoul, house decorating and party by the time 2am Sunday morning my stomach was so swollen it was pushing up against my dress even with a medical wrap underneath. I had to call it a night, early because it was even causing me major cramps and discomfort.

Looking back at photos from right after surgery, my stomach right now is more swollen then it has ever been in the last 2 weeks. It doesn’t hurt at all but my stomach sticks out soooooooo much!

I guess I have over done it a bit. Don’t worry I have been putting ice on my stomach since the wee hours of this morning and have only left the apartment to walk the dogs a few times. Today is a day of rest which is apparently what I need. Here are some photos to prove my swollen stomach.

Overall my incisions are amazing. The large one isnt even dark at all. The scar is the dark part but once that goes away the incision is going to be light. The incision is my belly button is a little darker 😦 Anyways looking head on, my stomach doesn’t look that bad but you can kind of see that it is sticking out.

You really can’t miss the swelling of my from the side. I mean it sticks out more then my empty alien baby! Clearly the fluid I had drained Saturday afternoon was replaced by more fluid :S

My stomach, doesn’t look too bad from the left side however. Gosh I wish the right side would look better.

Well I am off to go rest some more. Hopefully this swelling goes down. This is really a lesson for me that even though I feel better I still need to give my body more time to heal.


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