Slim Fast Plan Day 2


So yesterday things went well. Though the slim fast meal plan equals to over 1,000 calories, I am sure I did not consume that much yesterday.

Since I had breakfast so late I only had half the recommended scoop of slim fast powder meaning it was less than or about 150 calories total (remember its 230 calories with 1 cup of 2% milk). For lunch I had even less then half maybe about 100 calories. For a snack I tried to eat a whole banana but only got in about half a banana. For dinner was my chicken salad which over two periods of 20 minutes I was able to consume maybe 1/2 a cup MAX. I guess it doesn’t sound like a lot but I wasn’t hungry at all.

Today I am doing the same thing for breakfast and lunch and then for dinner I’m going for Vietnamese. The dish I will have is actually really healthy. It is veggies, shrimp and egg wrapped in some tiny thin rice wraps. When I get home I’ll look at the calorie content etc.

Stepped on the scale this morning and it read 152.4 phhheeeewwwww! I like the look of that number. Hopefully tomorrow I will see 151… please?


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