6 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck Photos


Well its been a while since some photos so here is my 6 weeks post op. Nothing hurts, everything is healed and my stomach feels fine.

When I went to see DK for an unfill he was even talking about another surgery to get rid of my alien bump. This man is just itching for a surgery, I bet he can’t wait for his new place to be open. I don’t know if I want another surgery though. I want to get to goal first.

Stepped on the scale and I was 150.4. Since I ate a little badly yesterday I wasn’t surprised. I am going away this weekend so hopefully I will eat better.

Me in my new size 67 jeans ( size 27!!) Here my stomach looks ok

You can see through my clothes that my alien bump sticks out and just above my incision still sticks out.

My incisions. Not too bad 🙂

You can see that my stomach still sticks out. God swelling go away!



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