PB Record and Specifying Surgery Numbers ( I Have Lost Count)


After my second unfill, I still needed another unfill but was doing pretty well. I didn’t realize it but I wasn’t pbing anymore. Finally it hit me when  I pb’d again but I went nearly a whole week without pbing once!

For someone who was pbing up to 5 times a day this was a huge thing for me. I can’t believe I forgot it had been so long!

So here is the story.

So I left for the airport after finishing up the final touches needed before going on vacation. As old habits die hard, when I got to the airport my head was hungry and wanted good ol’ faithful Burger King to eat. I got something small and tried to eat a little at a time, but my band apparently doesn’t like fast food.

Finally I gave up trying to get the food to pass and had to get rid of it. Yes I know it was stupid to even go to BK in the first place but sometimes we have to learn the hard way right?

Anyways so I think in recent times, that was a record for me to go a whole week without having to bring any food back up.

In other news, I had a very interesting eye opening experience at the airport. See my destination was not a very safe place so I decided to get some travel insurance just in case. As I was filling out the information, one of the things I had to specify was any surgeries I had within the last year. Since I have lost count after surgery #10 I looked at the super small space provided and decided just to mark down that I had the lapband surgery. That is the only one that might cause some problems ie if I was in an accident so I don’t think it was important to write down all the lipo sessions and when they were done. I can’t even remember all I have had done. I need this blog to remind me…. is that bad?

With everything all set, my baggage checked, my insurance in hand I set off to get on my plane. This is the first time I had flown with this band with a large fill ( flew in August only a short distance with 4cc in my band but thought I was unfilled) so I didn’t think I would be able to eat at all. Also because I had just pb’d and was still overfilled I thought I would be lucky to be able to even drink water. Since the flight was 20 hours I was praying really hard I could at least get in liquids.

As soon as the plane took off my shoulder started to hurt a little. Oh great I thought. After a while the pain went away and I tested my limits with water. It went down ok but I made sure to take small sips. Soon dinner came and I decided to try a bit to see how things would go. It was bibimbop ( rice and veggies) so I figured it was healthy enough and easy to get down being veggies and all.

So I tried to eat dinner which was surprisingly not hard at all! How is it that I am overfilled and can’t eat rice on land but in the air I can eat rice no problem? This band really does have a mind of its own :S

Anyways I didn’t push too hard and barely ate anything for the dinner. During both my flights, necessary to get to my destination I made sure to drink tons of liquids instead. My second flight I skipped the meal and tried to sleep with little success. Since my band thought it was night time in Korea, at a certain point my band was closed which made even drinking liquids hard.

Finally I reached my destination, ready to start my road trip with the girls.


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