Tummy Tuck Veterans: No More Sleeping On Your Stomach?


So I have an important question to ask people who have already had tummy tucks.

If you were a belly sleeper before your tummy tuck, were you able to sleep on your belly after?

I am not 3 weeks post op my revision and I have never had a problem sleeping on my stomach after surgery, but I find this time around I can’t seem to sleep on my stomach.

When I go to bed I sometimes try and sleep on my stomach but it is uncomfortable. My stomach feels like it is pulling and if I stay on my stomach too long I get back pains.

I don’t know if this is normal or not. Maybe it is because I am still swollen ( I REALLY want a drain again) but I miss sleeping on my belly. It used to be the only way I would sleep and now I’d rather not sleep at all then even try to sleep on my stomach. It’s sooo weird!

In other news I am still swollen as shyt! I mean it’s really bad. It’s like a tsunami hits my body when I push on my thigh because it sends a huge ripple UP to my stomach and everything shakes. W T F

I see DK again today and I think I might beg him for a drain again. Lucky for me there is an ultrasound machine in his office so he can see all the fluid that has collected in me. Since the swelling has now moved down to my thighs, maybe it’s time to give me a drain. I promise I won’t complain!

Also my incision seems to slowly be opening up. It looks terrible! There is a huge difference in how my incision looked 1 week post op and now. I almost don’t want to show you but of course I will.

I think I might even ask DK for him to staple ( Yes you heard me! I am so bothered by my incision I would take STAPLES in me for it to heal!) the problem areas. There are about 6 areas in different sizes that would probably need about 10 stitches to fix *gulp*

Sorry stomach but tonight might be a night of pain!

Whoops almost forgot the 3 weeks post op photos

My front doesn’t look too bad. The long vertical scar you see is a combo of my old scar that was directly under my belly button from my January surgery and then an extension of it. My stomach is so tired of being taped up ( Since January!) so it is starting to fight back. My skin is bleeding when I remove the bandages sometimes and I am getting rashes from it all. So much fun ( NOT)

Here you can see how SWOLLEN I am ( I swear there is no baby in there!) and you can also see 3 of my trouble areas. It didn’t look like that a few weeks ago 😦

Remember this is how it looked before ( oddly enough I was wearing the same underwear lol only certain ones are camera appropriate)

This is my other side. First (though I am sure you don’t think of this first) I am so friggen swollen! Secondly yes, my incision looks disgusting. Now do you see why I might beg for staples?

What a difference 2 weeks can make right? Good god what happened?





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  1. I had a mini tummy tuck and could sleep on abdomen after two months (first time i tried) with no pain at all. Now I’ve had a revision, a full tummy tuck including vertical scar similar to yours plus abdominal wall reconstruction. I am healing well and plan to sleep on my abdomen again after just 6 to 8 weeks. Even my friends with large breast implants can sleep on their stomach. So just give it time and gradually lie on your side, then front. You will get there!

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