Don’t Try This Yourselves!


So I just wanted to let everyone know I’m ok and I am back to being healthy. I just got out from my appt with DK and with no fever or red splotches to show him, he could just pass me off as someone mentally insane and wanting drugs if he wanted too.

However DK knows me well and took my fever story seriously and said since the antibiotics worked well, I did a good thing taking them and gave me another week of them just to be safe.

Now just because I did this and it worked does NOT mean anyone else should. I can get in to see DK at the drop of a hat. I am sure even if I couldnt make it to Seoul to see him he would work with doctors in my city to make me better if it came to that so I was in no rush to try to make an appointment. However if this happened in Canada I would have gone straight to emerg because a) I wouldnt have had those meds and b) it’s impossible to see any doc at the snap of your fingers. So please don’t follow my off the path ways. You know your own body and if you feel that sick please go see a doctor.

So yay me. I am stitch free and surgery free though I did schedule more lipo for my damn back bulge. Meds for a few days and then I am going to enjoy my birthday weekend 🙂


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