Year 2: Most Important Posts Oct 2010-Oct 2011


Ok, since it has been another year since my last summary of posts, here is year 2 posts. These tend to be 50% band and 50% other surgeries (plastics).

Since I have nearly 500 posts now, this is probably a good idea to have so newbies don’t have to read every post to understand my journey.

Korean Bandster Group

4 weeks post op tummy tuck

Eat Less gain weight

Braless Bandster

I have been busted

Korean nutritional info translated

6 weeks post op tummy tuck

Directions to DK’s new hospital with photos

More info for DK’ hospital

I need an unfill

Bikini and new bandster needs

OMG I swallowed gum!

I give up!

Location of my port

Pre tummy tuck #2 photos

Traveling with the band

Tummy tuck again!

Bad Tummy tuck results

Tummy tuck revision pics

Tummy tuck revision of my revision of my tummy tuck

Revisions revision photos

My secrets out

Leaky incision

Too much pain

Im in pain!

Ive landed myself in the hospital

Still in the hospital

6 months post op band

Goodbye drain

RIP band #1

head cravings

Vacation going home

More surgery

Worst day of my life

Post op pics more surgery!

open belly button

No more miss nice bandit!

Post op latest surgery pics

Breast lift test

Overfilled and loving it

Drain epic FAIL: Funniest post EVER

Fluid baby



Alien attacked

Scariest moment of my life

The weirdest thing on my body

24 hours of hell

Fat moment

Pouch test fail!

Strange fever

Don’t do this

Band: Best secret? or worst lie?


Confession time

Boys, boobs, band and bras

Cold feet

Comparison photos


Carboxy sucks

Post op boobs

My boobies

Slowly moving

Happy birthdays

I call this the year of STUPID! I’m sorry for so many posts but I have done a lot of shit this last year!



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