IMPORTANT Info: DK Patients!


So just to let you know if you have not been to DK’s recently, his office has moved.

He was located on the 2nd floor but once again has moved ( he was originally on the first floor). He is now located on the 6th floor.

Anyways there are signs in Korean but not yet English so I said I would spread the word this way since so many do read my blog occasionally.

So as for my appointment, things went ok. I asked DK if I should go bigger in implant size and he said no way. I am not heart broken over this. He said things are ok but my one boob hasn’t drop like the other and I need to massage more hard core.

I am sure you don’t all want to know details on my boobs since this is a blog about the band so here is an update. Since I have been sick the last week, my band has been tight. My night coughs were back and that somewhat freaked out my friend who spent the night one night.Night coughs are no laughing matter and I do go more than a few seconds gasping for air etc.

I haven’t stepped on the scale yet but should since I am now almost over my cold and can get back to the gym. The bad western food is almost all out of my house so that is good. Note to self next time request diet drinks which apparently are possible to get but I didn’t know.

DK and I talked scar revision surgery a bit but not really when, just where on my body. Clearly it will be just my tummy tuck scar. I am thinking maybe to try to get any boob revision and scar revision at the same time in January. That gives me 4 months to heal before moving home.

Has anyone had scar revision before? What is the down time, recovery time etc?

p.s shout out to a brand new bandster as of Saturday. M (I’ll leave her name out for privacy reasons unless she wants to give out her name) was banded by DK and I got a chance to chat with her today. I am so jealous of you guys that seem to recover so fast! She was acting 1day post op, how I was acting 7 days post op and you all think I’M a spring chicken. You go girl! Happy weight loss 🙂


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  1. awww…thanks for the shoutout! and thanks for coming by to see me- it was so cool to meet you because i already felt like i knew you after reading your blog. ^.^ i’m at the office today. moving around is a little slow…and i have a little pain, but nothing that i have even taken meds for. maybe DK’s skills have gotten even better? i felt well prepared after reading up here and was quite pleased with how easy the whole process was. just ready to heal!

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