Post Summary 2011-2012


Wow 2 posts in one day! Well here are Year 3’s most important posts, EHHHHHHHHHHH?! has it been 3 years already?! How time flies when you’re having fun. I hope everyone is still following me, learning with me, losing weight ( not really like me) and enjoying the new life their band is giving them.

28/21 Weeks post op

Murphy’s Law

5 Day Pouch Test Fail

Maybe There is Hope

Thank You Korea!

8.5 Months Post Op Pics

I am an English Teacher and Band Teacher

The Student Surpasses the Teacher

Goodbye Fat, Hello Skinny

Pre-op Scar Revision Surgery

A Rollercoaster Ride


Postop Scar Revision

Slap Fest

Surgeries are like Dates

Pre-op Pics, Post-op Stories

Post -op Revision Pics

WARNING! Tattooed Bandster Beware!

And the hole becomes a crater

Its not you, its me

To Stitch or not

Hold the Stitch

Long Awaited Pics

AB in Canada

I am going to go Swimming

Busy Bee Bandit

A New Bane Excuse

The Search is on



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