Tests, Tests and More Tests


So I finally gave in and saw a doctor about my heart burn. It is at a great clinic that has so many other facilities such as lab work, ultra sound area, xray area etc. Since I am not seeing my family doctor for my stomach problems ( she is over an hour away) I think this is a great place to go.

I saw one doctor who happens to also be an OB GYN which is good because he understands poly cystic ovaries disease ( which I have, yay me!) so when discussing medical issues and such he was well versed.

We discussed the heart burn, my band and fills and such in Korea. He decided to just order everything under the sun and we will work from there on what I should do (ie see a band doctor, which I know I should do but if this isn’t a band issue don’t rush it). I got blood work done ( to check everything since I haven’t had any done in Canada in years), an ultra sound of my entire torso (literally, it took forever to do) and a 3d view of my stomach. I havent seen the doctor yet for the results, but the lab tech was confused regarding my band because he says it is around my esophagus and not my stomach. It is strange to hear of bands slipping up so I have been in contact with DK and got him to send me my xrays that he has on file so I can show the doctor here to compare.

I also got some meds for the heart burn and I can’t believe how different my life has been the last week. I can eat anything now and I am eating healthier now (ie more protein), sleeping better (I always woke in the night with tummy troubles) and I havent had any pain in a week. I could die happy right now. I have no idea why I suffered for so long but I guess I grew used to feeling the way I did. Even my roommate is noticing a difference because we are not going through milk like its going out of fashion she says.

I get the results from this doctor who did the tests tomorrow and luckily for me there are general and bariatric surgeons associated with the medical clinic I went to and conveniently next door so if I need to see one, it won’t be hard to find one.

I haven’t stepped on the scale at all this week because I have been enjoying eating again, it is like getting an unfill, after not being able to eat for so long I just want to be happy and not worry about my weight. I have been gyming so I hope I am doing ok.



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