New Meds = Weight Gain *tear*


Sorry for being so MIA my loyal readers. Time goes by so quickly in Canada.

So update since my visit with the doctor in January. I am taking the meds for heartburn and it was amazing. I was able to eat anything and not have problems. It was great to be living a normal life but after a week I started to notice things. My shoes didn’t fit me anymore, my rings were hard to get on and off as my fingers were swollen and my pants were getting tight. Last weekend I decided to step on the scale and it read 171lbs! I am pretty sure I died a little. I gained 2 lbs at Christmas but lost it by the beginning of January only to then gain 10 lbs since starting these new meds!

This is crazy I can’t win, I mean if I want to not have heartburn I have to take the meds but the meds make me gain weight?! I panicked. After Valentines day I decided to really start watching my sodium, and salt intake and also reduce the amount of food I have been eating. I was always using the heartburn as a guide but without it that I think I wasn’t eating the best.

So I started with 4 days of reducing my carbs, not eating sugar etc and lost 4 lbs. Ok that was a start. Then I did the 5 day pouch test and I am down another lb but now I need to really get my butt back in gear. The test was amazing because my stomach doesn’t bother me as much and I am not as bloated and my clothes and rings fit a bit better.

I am looking to finally going to a doctor for my band. I have sent him my surgical notes so hopefully he will accept me at a patient. He is in Montreal which is not close but it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than going to a doctor in Ontario. When I see him I am hoping for an unfill and that will hopefully help with the heart burn and reduce the need for meds because it is $50 a month.

I am also meeting with a tattoo artist soon about covering my tummy tuck scar. This artist comes highly recommended and I have seen tons of his work on some of his clients. I hope he can do something to distract peoples eyes from the huge scars I have.

I will keep everyone in the loop if this doctor will accept me as a patient and this tattoo artist 🙂


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