I am in Pain Because of a Boot [camp]


A new day is a new opportunity to better ourselves. So now that I have some free time now that I am done school I have been focusing on working out perhaps a little too much…..

My roommate is doing a warrior race in September so I am helping her train (with its $200 price tag its not worth it for me), not that I have some amazing workout that I do but because it is motivation for her and vice versa. We started running and after a week, my clothes were already not fitting me!

Now I am doing a boot camp as my roommate is more into yoga but I am a fast pace, cardio kinda girl. After 3 straight days I am sore as heck but finally taking a day off but still running. Basically the last 3 weeks we take one day off from working out if we even take a day off. If I am not at the gym I am running outside or doing some weights at my house.

I haven’t stepped on the scale because I am nervous. I don’t see much difference but I feel a little difference in my clothes, mostly my boobs as weird as that is because I have implants soooo I shouldn’t lose too much in my boobs but apparently I have been as I can now wear some shirts done up that I couldn’t before!

Got a letter of referral from Dr Kang finally and due to financial issues I now can’t see the doctor I wanted to anyways. Good news is that my night coughs are gone ( 3 weeks now!) and I am finally sleeping a little better at night (still not normal but I never sleep good unless I take sleeping pills).

I am hoping maybe a doctor will be cheaper in Spain. If not then I will see the band doctor in Canada before or after I am in Spain.


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  1. I’m so happy to hear you’re heading to Spain – how exciting!! I’ve been back in the states for two months and back in school – soooo over it though, lol. I keep telling myself it’s only 2 yrs, but geez it’s boring here. Also, glad you got your letter. Dr. K just sent me a CD with pics from my last surg. I had erosion too and he removed my band right before I left Korea. I’m scheduled for a gastric sleeve this Friday. Are you still using LBTalk?

    • I dont use lbtalk as often anymore as I never have time to even sit on a computer much. I am beginning to wonder about DK’s band method because I have yet to hear of a patient of his that hasn’t had erosion to be honest……

  2. Hii guyz im new here. However i heard u guyz r talking about Dr.kang from seoul sky hospital. May i know more about him & his work. I never met him before but i’m scheduled for gastric sleeve this mid of june.. Abit nervous & scare since im goin alone to do it. Gastric sleeve is very uncommon in my country..):

    • I can honestly tell you that my experience with him (I had several surgeries) was HORRIBLE. He butchered me and left me with ugly, permanent scars all over my legs (in the center NOT along the thigh as should be). There is so much more, but I will stop now as this is not my blog. But I would urge you NOT to see Dr. Kang. Korea is full of so many doctors that there is no reason to use a butcher like him. You will regret it, I can promise you that.

      • Hii H
        I am trully sorry to hear your experience with dr. Kang. But i got my sleeve surgery & double chin liposuction with him last Monday. It turns out really well even my chin is still swollen like “Princess Fiona”..my healing proccess is good & i schedule to go for shopping this coming sunday before i leave Korea on Wednesday^^.
        Are we talkin about the same dr.Kang on the Seoul sky?
        The mongolian lady whose discharge earlier just visited me this morning. She had the same experience with me & she lost 12lb within the last 10days after the surgery. I cant wait to see mine as well..

  3. Yes, Dr. Kang at Seoul Sky Clinic is the man that butchered my body as well as a several other women. I too thought everything was okay at first. It was after a short while with some things and a bit longer with others that I realized what he did and the lies he told. Again, this is not my blog so I won’t go into it, because there are so many things. I can be reached via email if anyone wants to discuss this nightmare that calls himself a surgeon (what a joke). I’ve also had 2 American plastic surgeons review his work and they are shocked at what he did to me. I wish you the best of luck, but I urge you to see a second doctor for followup care and I will continue to warn anyone who will listen: Dr. Kang is a butcher who should never perform another surgery!!!

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