I’m Back, But I Lost My Boobs!! + Pics


Hey guys, I feel like I always start a post apologizing for never writing but comparing my posts from 2 years ago to now I am slacking hard core!

I have so much to write but I will try to sum it all up.

So I did my month of boot camp. I didn’t lose any weight but I toned some for sure in my stomach and arms. Then I only had a few weeks to prepare myself for my trip to Spain.

Since arriving in Spain the weirdest thing has happened…. I don’t need to take my heartburn meds anymore! Ever since I arrived no matter what food I eat, nothing bothers me. I go out and eat everything that bothers me in Canada and it has no effect on me in Spain. This has now become a test of mine to see what does bother me. In 3 weeks I have found that only blue cheese and Burger King bothers me.

How strange is that? Any guesses to why all foods ( healthy like dairy, meats, cereals, etc EVERYTHING) in Canada bothers me but food in Spain of the exact same type ( dairy, meats etc) doesn’t?

I am so not ready to go back to Canada if this is the case because I love not having to worry about what to eat. Also the good news about not taking these meds is that I have lost 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks without even trying! Now that I am not limited in food and not taking the heart burn meds I have lost weigh?! It’s been a weird few weeks for sure.

The only sad thing about losing weight right now is that it is coming right out of my boobs. My bras don’t fit anymore as they are now too big. I have lost some in my waist but the majority of my loss is in my boobs. Even with implants they can still get small!

I still have my doc appt booked for when I return to Canada for 2 weeks after I arrive but I am hoping my heartburn doesn’t return when I return to Canada.

In other news I am posting a scar update. It’s been so long I can’t even remember how long its been since all of the surgeries so anyways here they are 🙂



Sorry for the poor quality. I was trying to hold the camera and take the shots because the place I am staying in doesn’t have a good set up for photos.


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  1. hi i loved reading your blog it really is very informative and helpful for us newbies.
    although you have not been on it for quite awhile i hope you get this message and email me back . i would like to ask you some questions regarding your lap band in korea

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