Goodbye Heartburn


Well after over a year of heart burn 24/7 I finally have some good progress to report! After starting some meds for heartburn in January it helped some but I still got heart burn when I ate or drank certain things (mostly things I shouldn’t have had like wine) so I avoided those for the most part.

While in Spain, my stomach got better, I lost weight and didn’t take my meds except a handful of times. Upon returning back to Canada I saw a general surgeon who was going to unfill me if necessary but when I went to see him in August, he told me he wanted me to have a scope before he unfilled me to make sure that we weren’t going to do more bad than good to my stomach, so FINALLLLYYY 2 weeks later I went in for a scope. The anticipation was killing me. I was so nervous to hear that my band had worked it’s way into my stomach or something that would require more surgery.

My heart burn was so bad before I went for the scope. I got it when I wasn’t eating as well as when I did eat so I was really hoping to resolve this problem. The doctor and I discussed what the possibilities might be to why my stomach is so bad and what we could do in different cases. With a plan figured out I was hooked up and knocked out before I knew it. I feel like I was asleep only for a minute but clearly it was longer. Then came the worst waiting possible, for the doctor to come see me and tell me what the inside of my stomach looked like.

Well, the news wasn’t the best but it could have been worse. It is an ulcer that has caused all this heartburn problem and my stomach is severely inflamed, HOWEVER my band is perfect and happy. My stomach is not stretched and with a change of diet and some meds the doctor sees a bright future for me and my band together in harmony. If I could go out to celebrate with a drink because of this news I would but alas alcohol is on my list of things to avoid. The doctor also did some biopsy’s to test for cancer ( my grandfather had heartburn all his life and eventually they found cancer in his esophagus and he died so doctors are always on high alert when it comes to me and any similarities) and bacterias but I am not concerned at all I am just so happy to know my band is ok.

So now I am starting to change my diet and taking more meds. Its been a week since I have had heartburn and it’s amazing. I do have a few no-no’s but in small quantities and I listen to my body. If it bothers me I stop. Things include tomato based meals, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, caffeine, alcohol and sugars. In just a week of avoiding those I have lost a few pounds and also noticed changes in my body as I don’t feel so bloated. I also had to change my bed because of the orders of the doctor. Similar to what my grandfather did with his bed I now must sleep with the head of the bed raised more than the foot of the bed so I am not laying flat. It’s weird to lay 6 inches higher on one side than the foot of the bed, but if it works, it works!

Anyways I see this doctor again in a month and I can’t wait to tell him how much better I am doing! Now that I think of it, my stomach wasn’t showing signs of band erosion but I was just so convinced that I never thought to look up things like ulcers and other stomach problems.

Now I can enjoy what little food I do eat again and an ulcer is just another motivation to eat healthier 🙂


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