Time to get back on the band wagon AB because we are back in business!

I know I am ages behind in posts and so much has changed but I have just left my new post-op band doctor who gave me a much needed unfill AND he doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I love this man!

Good news, I have a band doc in Ontario.
Bad news, he works in Ottawa.

So needless to say I’m going to be traveling a lot more from Toronto to Ottawa from now on.

My last fill had me at 8cc 2 years ago but this doctor took out 2cc so I might be at about 6. He was surprised I was at 8cc because he normally sees people at 5-6cc but this could explain my night coughs and continued heart burn. Next on my list of things to do is get another endoscope done to check my stomach but new doc Hopes the unfill will help with this.

I instantly felt amazing and will now focus losing weight.

Current weight 167 lbs, goal is still 145 ish. Time to make that goal!


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