The Cat Came Back! The Very Next… year. Did you think I was a goner?


Wow! I cannot believe I have not posted in over a year. I am sorry for all of my readers. Sometimes life gets a hold of you and you just lose track of time.

So a little update from me! Things have been… going. My night coughs stopped after my last unfill (yay!) but no weight loss. I have had stomach issues on and off and my ulcer is still bugging me but I wouldn’t budge and remove more of my fill, until today. Currently, I am sitting on a bus heading back to my city (6 hours away) as I had just left my doctors office and *gasp* I have absolutely NOTHING in my band.

Ok back story. This past weekend my stomach was being a pain in my, well, stomach! My current BF (Lets call him Dee) was just not having this pain I was in. First of all, he did not know about the band and suddenly I would be hunching over in pain with no sign of relief coming my way even hours after eating. He wanted to take me to the hospital and I refused. Since I have known him (so for a few months) I have had a bad shoulder injury (left shoulder, see where this is going?) and had food “poisoning” a few times (actually more stuck but again, he didn’t know about the band) so he was losing his patience with my refusing to go to the hospital each time I was sick. Process of elimination of stomach issues, he assumed and asked if I had a bypass and I said no. I caved and explained the band a bit and though he doesn’t really understand it all (and why my parents don’t know and why I wouldn’t tell him) he pushed that I should bite the bullet and go to the doctor who would help with the band (and get me unfilled). So after a few phone calls and a day later, here I am.

So I went to the doctor, and explained my issues. I had a shoulder injury from months ago that had me doing physio, seeing a chiropractor and getting massages and the pain wouldn’t go away. I finally got a cortisone shot to stop the pain. However it was revealed, once that that pain was gone my stomach hurt! So I tried changing my diet and removing carbs, and things that would easily get stuck, but with Dee’s weekend visit we went out and had food I hadn’t which caused pains so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. After that meal, I could barely eat and so the doctor thinks my band slipped.

Solution? Remove all the saline and at this point I didn’t care. This is a 12 hour round trip to see this doctor and frig I just want to not feel like I am dying. So we tried to guess what was in my band before he took it out.

For all of my close followers and newbies here is a recap.

I left Korea in 2012 with 8cc in my band.

2014 I had 2 cc taken out that was causing night coughs.

So now here we are in 2015 and my band may have slipped. I said to the doctor that when I had the band first put in, they had 2cc put in right away but he urged to unfill it all. Well doctor knows best right?

So if we pay attention only to numbers I should have had 6cc in my band but everyone knows about .5cc on average per year can escape from the band so 6cc – atleast 2cc (I left almost 4 years ago!) means I am left with about 4cc. So the doctor got all set, poked it (and got it in one try!) and pulled out…… 3cc!

It feels weird (and scary) to be empty. I have never be empty and I have been leaning on this band for support for 6 years now. Not that it has done me much good as I currently weigh 180lbs, but with Dee on my ass to eat healthier and work out more (he is a health nut and is even working on himself so it encouraging not discouraging to have him pushing me along) I am hoping to get moving in the right direction.

The doctor gave me different meds for my ulcer which I have to take for a month, I am taking an iron supplement for low iron and I joined 2 gyms (one is for cardio and one is a bootcamp). This winter will be busy but hopefully good.

A unfilled band is no excuse to slack so I am hoping I will be ok. I don’t know when I will get a fill again but the doctor said to wait a few weeks at least. I found a doctor closer, and I am hoping I can get an appointment with him in December,  Maybe once I have more support, I can get on the right band wagon.

Fingers and bands crossed for me friends!


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  1. Hope you are doing well. I had your blog bookmarked and I just re-read your last entry, Please update on what’s doing with you, I’m sure there are others out here that enjoy your stories!

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