Good riddance, goodbye band!


I can’t believe another year has past since I posted last. So much has happened. 

Bad news, I found out I’m celiac and allergic to almost 100 foods (the band is said to cause people these problems). The band has been unfilled for some time and when I tried fills again, I got so sick. The heartburn was terrible. Reducing foods I’m allergic to helped but didn’t solve it. 

I had an endoscope to check in my stomach but the doctor couldn’t see anything because apparently my stomach was still full of food I ate 16 hours prior. He made me take meds that help my stomach topush foods down. 

The next scope revelled the scariest thing imaginable, a YELLOW band right in the MIDDLE of my stomach! Yup, chokum decided to migrate into my stomach. It was clearly awhile ago because the band is supposed to be clear and white and it is now sunshine yellow. 

Band is scheduled to be removed in a month and I can’t wait. I am done with this life. It has been horrible. I am hoping  to last a month because the doctor poked the port to make sure my fill was completely out and first of all it was nearly impossible because the port has tilted but also when he did poke the port a little bit of coloured fluid came out. So there’s a chance I could get an infection before the surgery date. But I have no choice except to wait for this doctor to remove the band. 

Some might wonder why I don’t go back to Korea to remove the band  but since Dr K told me that my ‘files were accidentally deleted from his records’ as well as his move to a new hospital due to many lawsuits coming in like

Iiiiiiii think… I’ll pass. 


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  1. Hello Alien: Good luck with your band removal. I also had an erosion after 3 years and had it removed. In the 2 1/2 years since I lost my band I’ve gained 75% of the weight back. This sucks! I would like to be sleeved, but I too have gastroparesis. I wonder if this is caused by the band and there will be class action suits because of this being a common problem for bandsters. Not sure. Anyway, good luck, and I hope you don’t get an infection first. I was in hospital 4 days when band removed and then back again for 4 more days after I got a major infection about a week postop. It’s funny how you can’t wait to get it out once you see a picture of it inside your stomach. I felt the same way. Take care and keep us posted.

    • I healed well from the surgery and of course have gained weight. Because I may be celiac I can’t get a bypass so I may do sleeve later. Getting my implants removed next

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