Monthly Archives: January 2017

Goodbye, so long, adios, don’t take care, don’t come back! 


I am band free!!!
I can’t describe how happy that makes me though I am currently in so much pain. 

My doctor intubated me, and cut the band out of me through my stomach because more than 50% was inside of it!

He made a small incision by my port (which was twisted and turned over) and pulled it out. 

I stayed in the hospital overnight but I thought I’d have to stay 2. I spent the first day choking on my swollen tonsils and I had to have oxygen as my throats was so swollen I felt like it was going to close. I could barely talk. 

I’m now 2 days post op and at home comfortably with the boyfriend taking care of me. I’m on liquids for a week and then I think I’ll follow the old band diet of 1 week liquids, 1 week mushies, 1 week soft and then I will follow dr Hyman 10 day detox. It’s a great food plan I followed in January 2016, which helped me find out that I was always sick because of food I was eating. I’m celiac and allergic to dairy as well as over 80 food sensitivities which I am hoping now that the band is gone will help and go away. 

Another good thing post band was that eczema that started the last 2 months on my face and wouldn’t go away was completely gone less than 24 hours after removing the band! How crazy is that?

I’m sorry that I won’t be a positive band story for everyone who follows me. Please learn from my mistakes. Follow up with your band doctors often, listen to your body and if something feels wrong, find someone who will listen to you and help you figure out what that is.