Huh? An Alien? I am sure some people are confused but see technically I am an alien or at least called one every week. To understand the title you must understand where I live. Right now I am a teacher in  South Korea. The name given to foreigners is wai guk kin which literally translates to alien. So that’s how I am an alien with a lap band in South Korea.  At first this blog was supposed to be only about my banded journey but since then I have done a few plastics. So this blog is a little bit about everything; life in Korea, struggles of a bandster, struggles of a bandster in Korea, plastics (lipo, tummy tuck etc).  If you are reading this for more info on getting lap band in Korea, are a bandster and want to know another bandster in Korea etc, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions 🙂


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  1. Hi,
    I found your website through DK. First off let me say congrats on all the weight you lost so far. I am considering getting lap band. I went to see DK and he said while my BMI is quite low he can band me. My BMI is 28 (I’m 5’1 and 147 pounds). Everyone thinks I am crazy for wanting to do this surgery and now I am beginning to think that maybe I am. I read that you had an erosion which my greatest fear because I am going back to the states in April if that happens while I am there I am afraid no doctor will re-band me. I remember reading on your blog you had a low BMI, was it similar to mine or under 30? If your BMI was similar to mine or under 30 is it something you would recommend?

    • hmmm it’s hard for anyone to say whether your crazy or not to be banded with a low bmi. What is better….. getting banded with a low bmi? or waiting until you get fatter before being banded? My bmi was 33 when I was banded and was only getting higher. If I had a bmi of 28 that was slowly rising, if I couldn’t lose the weight myself and a doctor said it was ok to be banded then I would consider it, but remember surgery should be a last resort, not the first. The band is not a quick fix and it takes time to get used to the lifestyle you must lead with it. If you don’t change your diet and eating habits, the band won’t work. If you don’t follow the rules you could actually gain weight.

      Did DK recommend any sort of diet or thing to consider before considering the band? Do you have any health problems? For foreigners a bmi of 28 isnt that bad, for asians it is considered obese so it also depends on your genes to whether the bmi is high or low.

      My erosion was rare and not even painful. DK found it by fluke because I had pain from my tubing that was pushing against my skin. He thought it might have been an infection, hence why I had the endoscope that found the erosion. We caught it so quickly but I could have gone many more months without even knowing if he hadn’t done the endoscope. If you follow the rules and eat well, it probably won’t happen to you.

  2. Hey
    Thank you for responding. I realized I may have posted my comment in the wrong section. Sorry about that. I am not Asian so I know 28 BMI is not that high. DK did mention exercise and maybe therapy to help with my food addiction. Though my BMI is not high the addiction starts somewhere and my BMI is rising rapidly. I am going to do more research on getting banded but in the end I think you are right. The doctor did say it was OK. What do I have to lose except pounds right?

    Thanks again

  3. You can leave a comment where ever is fine. Before you consider the band surgery, make sure you understand how it works. If you eat a diet of money sweets, and easy to consume foods ( ie liquid ish things like ice cream ) then the band won’t work. If your problem is more about portion control then the band could work. Check out and talk with others for more info 🙂

  4. Hi!

    I’m in South Korea until July. I need an unfill. I tried to call the number on Dr. K’s website (found through you!) but the phone just talks Korean at me and I don’t know what it wants me to do to get to a person. Do you have this problem? I’m calling from a Korean pre-paid and I’ve never had problems before. I guess I could be dialing it wrong, but I don’t think I am. Do they have another number, or maybe an email address? Do you think if I just showed up on a Saturday that they might be able to work me in for a quick drain?

    Thank you SO much for having such helpful information out here for banded expats!


    • The best person to call is nurse Kim. Her cell is 010-4732-7582. She can prob book u an appointment for Saturday. Ill be there on Saturday as well so if you see a blonde Girl it’s prob me

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