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Where did you go, my lovlies?


Sorry for the long time in between updates. Things have changed so much since January.

After my band was gone, a few weeks later I accidentally ate gluten and didn’t get sick! Before even a crumb would knock me down for at least a day. Confused we tested a few things- naan, perogies, and garlic bread. Nothing made me sick. So I went to a new doctor who wanted me to test my celiac again. First I had to eat gluten for 6 weeks. Then I got tested again. My biopsy came back negative but my bloodwork came back positive. Conclusion? The doctor could not confirm I was in fact celiac. W.T.F right??

Since then my 86 food sensitivities have flared up. At one point I couldn’t even eat watermelon because of the natural sugars. Yet when I went to Africa, no foods bothered me there and I came back able to eat anything again.

Another thing I have been pursuing the last few months is removing my breast implants. When I came home to Canada and suddenly had problems eating food, people who knew used to joke that my doctor in Korea took some of my organs and gave me knock offs. How else would I explain this sudden celiac, 86 food allergies, ongoing neck shoulder and back pain and the long laundry list of things wrong.

Then I found out about breast implant illness Though no doctor will admit to it, there are actually probably more women getting their implants removed than getting implants put in. There are so many symptoms which yes can be associated with other illnesses but for me it made so much because 6 months after I got implants when I moved to Canada I slowly got sick. Not to mention I also have something growing on my thyroid which could potentially be silicone but that’s for another post ( getting tests and biopsy in October).

So as I am writing this I am now sitting at my parents recovering from removal, capsulectomy  (scar tissue) and breast lift ( which is what I wanted when DK talked me into implants) and it is weird to think I will have small boobs ( I will probably be a small b), I am happy to get the remainder of foreign objects removed.

I can give more details later but right now I am too tired. Surgery went well, was about 4 hours long and they sent me home the same day. Though my boyfriend was on board for removal for my health and is helping take care of me, I do remember dozing on and off to him humming (and trying to sing but he doesn’t know the words) “Where did you go, my lovlies? Where did you go?


Goodbye, so long, adios, don’t take care, don’t come back! 


I am band free!!!
I can’t describe how happy that makes me though I am currently in so much pain. 

My doctor intubated me, and cut the band out of me through my stomach because more than 50% was inside of it!

He made a small incision by my port (which was twisted and turned over) and pulled it out. 

I stayed in the hospital overnight but I thought I’d have to stay 2. I spent the first day choking on my swollen tonsils and I had to have oxygen as my throats was so swollen I felt like it was going to close. I could barely talk. 

I’m now 2 days post op and at home comfortably with the boyfriend taking care of me. I’m on liquids for a week and then I think I’ll follow the old band diet of 1 week liquids, 1 week mushies, 1 week soft and then I will follow dr Hyman 10 day detox. It’s a great food plan I followed in January 2016, which helped me find out that I was always sick because of food I was eating. I’m celiac and allergic to dairy as well as over 80 food sensitivities which I am hoping now that the band is gone will help and go away. 

Another good thing post band was that eczema that started the last 2 months on my face and wouldn’t go away was completely gone less than 24 hours after removing the band! How crazy is that?

I’m sorry that I won’t be a positive band story for everyone who follows me. Please learn from my mistakes. Follow up with your band doctors often, listen to your body and if something feels wrong, find someone who will listen to you and help you figure out what that is. 

The Cat Came Back! The Very Next… year. Did you think I was a goner?


Wow! I cannot believe I have not posted in over a year. I am sorry for all of my readers. Sometimes life gets a hold of you and you just lose track of time.

So a little update from me! Things have been… going. My night coughs stopped after my last unfill (yay!) but no weight loss. I have had stomach issues on and off and my ulcer is still bugging me but I wouldn’t budge and remove more of my fill, until today. Currently, I am sitting on a bus heading back to my city (6 hours away) as I had just left my doctors office and *gasp* I have absolutely NOTHING in my band.

Ok back story. This past weekend my stomach was being a pain in my, well, stomach! My current BF (Lets call him Dee) was just not having this pain I was in. First of all, he did not know about the band and suddenly I would be hunching over in pain with no sign of relief coming my way even hours after eating. He wanted to take me to the hospital and I refused. Since I have known him (so for a few months) I have had a bad shoulder injury (left shoulder, see where this is going?) and had food “poisoning” a few times (actually more stuck but again, he didn’t know about the band) so he was losing his patience with my refusing to go to the hospital each time I was sick. Process of elimination of stomach issues, he assumed and asked if I had a bypass and I said no. I caved and explained the band a bit and though he doesn’t really understand it all (and why my parents don’t know and why I wouldn’t tell him) he pushed that I should bite the bullet and go to the doctor who would help with the band (and get me unfilled). So after a few phone calls and a day later, here I am.

So I went to the doctor, and explained my issues. I had a shoulder injury from months ago that had me doing physio, seeing a chiropractor and getting massages and the pain wouldn’t go away. I finally got a cortisone shot to stop the pain. However it was revealed, once that that pain was gone my stomach hurt! So I tried changing my diet and removing carbs, and things that would easily get stuck, but with Dee’s weekend visit we went out and had food I hadn’t which caused pains so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. After that meal, I could barely eat and so the doctor thinks my band slipped.

Solution? Remove all the saline and at this point I didn’t care. This is a 12 hour round trip to see this doctor and frig I just want to not feel like I am dying. So we tried to guess what was in my band before he took it out.

For all of my close followers and newbies here is a recap.

I left Korea in 2012 with 8cc in my band.

2014 I had 2 cc taken out that was causing night coughs.

So now here we are in 2015 and my band may have slipped. I said to the doctor that when I had the band first put in, they had 2cc put in right away but he urged to unfill it all. Well doctor knows best right?

So if we pay attention only to numbers I should have had 6cc in my band but everyone knows about .5cc on average per year can escape from the band so 6cc – atleast 2cc (I left almost 4 years ago!) means I am left with about 4cc. So the doctor got all set, poked it (and got it in one try!) and pulled out…… 3cc!

It feels weird (and scary) to be empty. I have never be empty and I have been leaning on this band for support for 6 years now. Not that it has done me much good as I currently weigh 180lbs, but with Dee on my ass to eat healthier and work out more (he is a health nut and is even working on himself so it encouraging not discouraging to have him pushing me along) I am hoping to get moving in the right direction.

The doctor gave me different meds for my ulcer which I have to take for a month, I am taking an iron supplement for low iron and I joined 2 gyms (one is for cardio and one is a bootcamp). This winter will be busy but hopefully good.

A unfilled band is no excuse to slack so I am hoping I will be ok. I don’t know when I will get a fill again but the doctor said to wait a few weeks at least. I found a doctor closer, and I am hoping I can get an appointment with him in December,  Maybe once I have more support, I can get on the right band wagon.

Fingers and bands crossed for me friends!



Time to get back on the band wagon AB because we are back in business!

I know I am ages behind in posts and so much has changed but I have just left my new post-op band doctor who gave me a much needed unfill AND he doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I love this man!

Good news, I have a band doc in Ontario.
Bad news, he works in Ottawa.

So needless to say I’m going to be traveling a lot more from Toronto to Ottawa from now on.

My last fill had me at 8cc 2 years ago but this doctor took out 2cc so I might be at about 6. He was surprised I was at 8cc because he normally sees people at 5-6cc but this could explain my night coughs and continued heart burn. Next on my list of things to do is get another endoscope done to check my stomach but new doc Hopes the unfill will help with this.

I instantly felt amazing and will now focus losing weight.

Current weight 167 lbs, goal is still 145 ish. Time to make that goal!

Goodbye Heartburn


Well after over a year of heart burn 24/7 I finally have some good progress to report! After starting some meds for heartburn in January it helped some but I still got heart burn when I ate or drank certain things (mostly things I shouldn’t have had like wine) so I avoided those for the most part.

While in Spain, my stomach got better, I lost weight and didn’t take my meds except a handful of times. Upon returning back to Canada I saw a general surgeon who was going to unfill me if necessary but when I went to see him in August, he told me he wanted me to have a scope before he unfilled me to make sure that we weren’t going to do more bad than good to my stomach, so FINALLLLYYY 2 weeks later I went in for a scope. The anticipation was killing me. I was so nervous to hear that my band had worked it’s way into my stomach or something that would require more surgery.

My heart burn was so bad before I went for the scope. I got it when I wasn’t eating as well as when I did eat so I was really hoping to resolve this problem. The doctor and I discussed what the possibilities might be to why my stomach is so bad and what we could do in different cases. With a plan figured out I was hooked up and knocked out before I knew it. I feel like I was asleep only for a minute but clearly it was longer. Then came the worst waiting possible, for the doctor to come see me and tell me what the inside of my stomach looked like.

Well, the news wasn’t the best but it could have been worse. It is an ulcer that has caused all this heartburn problem and my stomach is severely inflamed, HOWEVER my band is perfect and happy. My stomach is not stretched and with a change of diet and some meds the doctor sees a bright future for me and my band together in harmony. If I could go out to celebrate with a drink because of this news I would but alas alcohol is on my list of things to avoid. The doctor also did some biopsy’s to test for cancer ( my grandfather had heartburn all his life and eventually they found cancer in his esophagus and he died so doctors are always on high alert when it comes to me and any similarities) and bacterias but I am not concerned at all I am just so happy to know my band is ok.

So now I am starting to change my diet and taking more meds. Its been a week since I have had heartburn and it’s amazing. I do have a few no-no’s but in small quantities and I listen to my body. If it bothers me I stop. Things include tomato based meals, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, caffeine, alcohol and sugars. In just a week of avoiding those I have lost a few pounds and also noticed changes in my body as I don’t feel so bloated. I also had to change my bed because of the orders of the doctor. Similar to what my grandfather did with his bed I now must sleep with the head of the bed raised more than the foot of the bed so I am not laying flat. It’s weird to lay 6 inches higher on one side than the foot of the bed, but if it works, it works!

Anyways I see this doctor again in a month and I can’t wait to tell him how much better I am doing! Now that I think of it, my stomach wasn’t showing signs of band erosion but I was just so convinced that I never thought to look up things like ulcers and other stomach problems.

Now I can enjoy what little food I do eat again and an ulcer is just another motivation to eat healthier 🙂

I’m Back, But I Lost My Boobs!! + Pics


Hey guys, I feel like I always start a post apologizing for never writing but comparing my posts from 2 years ago to now I am slacking hard core!

I have so much to write but I will try to sum it all up.

So I did my month of boot camp. I didn’t lose any weight but I toned some for sure in my stomach and arms. Then I only had a few weeks to prepare myself for my trip to Spain.

Since arriving in Spain the weirdest thing has happened…. I don’t need to take my heartburn meds anymore! Ever since I arrived no matter what food I eat, nothing bothers me. I go out and eat everything that bothers me in Canada and it has no effect on me in Spain. This has now become a test of mine to see what does bother me. In 3 weeks I have found that only blue cheese and Burger King bothers me.

How strange is that? Any guesses to why all foods ( healthy like dairy, meats, cereals, etc EVERYTHING) in Canada bothers me but food in Spain of the exact same type ( dairy, meats etc) doesn’t?

I am so not ready to go back to Canada if this is the case because I love not having to worry about what to eat. Also the good news about not taking these meds is that I have lost 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks without even trying! Now that I am not limited in food and not taking the heart burn meds I have lost weigh?! It’s been a weird few weeks for sure.

The only sad thing about losing weight right now is that it is coming right out of my boobs. My bras don’t fit anymore as they are now too big. I have lost some in my waist but the majority of my loss is in my boobs. Even with implants they can still get small!

I still have my doc appt booked for when I return to Canada for 2 weeks after I arrive but I am hoping my heartburn doesn’t return when I return to Canada.

In other news I am posting a scar update. It’s been so long I can’t even remember how long its been since all of the surgeries so anyways here they are 🙂



Sorry for the poor quality. I was trying to hold the camera and take the shots because the place I am staying in doesn’t have a good set up for photos.

I am in Pain Because of a Boot [camp]


A new day is a new opportunity to better ourselves. So now that I have some free time now that I am done school I have been focusing on working out perhaps a little too much…..

My roommate is doing a warrior race in September so I am helping her train (with its $200 price tag its not worth it for me), not that I have some amazing workout that I do but because it is motivation for her and vice versa. We started running and after a week, my clothes were already not fitting me!

Now I am doing a boot camp as my roommate is more into yoga but I am a fast pace, cardio kinda girl. After 3 straight days I am sore as heck but finally taking a day off but still running. Basically the last 3 weeks we take one day off from working out if we even take a day off. If I am not at the gym I am running outside or doing some weights at my house.

I haven’t stepped on the scale because I am nervous. I don’t see much difference but I feel a little difference in my clothes, mostly my boobs as weird as that is because I have implants soooo I shouldn’t lose too much in my boobs but apparently I have been as I can now wear some shirts done up that I couldn’t before!

Got a letter of referral from Dr Kang finally and due to financial issues I now can’t see the doctor I wanted to anyways. Good news is that my night coughs are gone ( 3 weeks now!) and I am finally sleeping a little better at night (still not normal but I never sleep good unless I take sleeping pills).

I am hoping maybe a doctor will be cheaper in Spain. If not then I will see the band doctor in Canada before or after I am in Spain.

1 Year Post Korea


Hey gang, I can’t believe I haven’t posted since February! it has been a crazy few months trying to finish school and all my band issues.

It was also hard coming to accept it’s been a year since I left Korea. So much has gone on and changed since I left and nothing went as planned so that put me in a really bad state. When I left Korea I had a good relationship with my band, was planning my wedding with my BF, had my schooling and money all sorted out and that has all come to an end. My band hates me, my bf moved on without me, I switched school programs for that guy and I hated it (and I had to get more student loans = more money problems) and I don’t know where I am going in life.

However the sun is still rising every day so it is a new chance to make things better. I am still taking heartburn medicine which has helped but trying to sort out things with my band has been tough. I get mad night coughs but I am doing better with that by having a sliderish meal for dinner and/or eating at least 4 hours before bed and no liquids 1 hour before bed.

I still haven’t seen a band doctor because now Dr Kang is being difficult and won’t write a letter of referral which the closest doctor to me needs. I don’t have the money for this doctor either but there is no more putting this off. I see my family doctor in a few weeks and I am hoping maybe if she write an emergency plea to this local doc that he will accept that and take me as a patient. Seems stupid to deny me as a patient just because I don’t have a formal letter stating I have 8cc in my 10 cc band ( which is all that is needed.)

Now that school is almost over I am focusing more on my weight and working out. I gained weight after starting this heartburn medicine but I am back down to what I weighted in January. Now that my roommate and I are training for a warrior race thing we gotta get our butts in gear. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and run 3 times a week and do weights and crunches on my own at home when I have time. It might sound like a lot but sometimes I can only squeeze in 45 minutes to an hour at the gym and running is only 45 minutes so really isn’t too much. I am noticing a huge change in my body but not on the scale. That’s ok though numbers on the scale don’t really mean a thing. 

With all my problems with eating, I have been trying to keep it healthy. With gyming too I make sure I get in a protein shake a day. I use the whey protein low carb (1g) high protein (25g) shake stuff and it is amazing with milk, ice, and fruit. Chicken is also something I eat a lot of as well as tuna, egg, and beans. I just went through a huge sushi faze so I had a lot of seafood for about a month. Now I am trying to eat less salt and such so little soya sauce as much as possible.

I can only do this lifestyle for a few months because I will be studying in Spain for a month in July! I hope to have a better body and a better relationship with my band by then. I also really need to work on myself because the ending of this last relationship is still tearing me apart and its been months since we split (which I was blindsided). I hate dating, I hate new, and I hate having to go through all of my medical and past things with each new relationship. I think I might start writing a manual to understanding me and make a test and if a guy can handle it and pass the test he can stick around.




New Meds = Weight Gain *tear*


Sorry for being so MIA my loyal readers. Time goes by so quickly in Canada.

So update since my visit with the doctor in January. I am taking the meds for heartburn and it was amazing. I was able to eat anything and not have problems. It was great to be living a normal life but after a week I started to notice things. My shoes didn’t fit me anymore, my rings were hard to get on and off as my fingers were swollen and my pants were getting tight. Last weekend I decided to step on the scale and it read 171lbs! I am pretty sure I died a little. I gained 2 lbs at Christmas but lost it by the beginning of January only to then gain 10 lbs since starting these new meds!

This is crazy I can’t win, I mean if I want to not have heartburn I have to take the meds but the meds make me gain weight?! I panicked. After Valentines day I decided to really start watching my sodium, and salt intake and also reduce the amount of food I have been eating. I was always using the heartburn as a guide but without it that I think I wasn’t eating the best.

So I started with 4 days of reducing my carbs, not eating sugar etc and lost 4 lbs. Ok that was a start. Then I did the 5 day pouch test and I am down another lb but now I need to really get my butt back in gear. The test was amazing because my stomach doesn’t bother me as much and I am not as bloated and my clothes and rings fit a bit better.

I am looking to finally going to a doctor for my band. I have sent him my surgical notes so hopefully he will accept me at a patient. He is in Montreal which is not close but it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than going to a doctor in Ontario. When I see him I am hoping for an unfill and that will hopefully help with the heart burn and reduce the need for meds because it is $50 a month.

I am also meeting with a tattoo artist soon about covering my tummy tuck scar. This artist comes highly recommended and I have seen tons of his work on some of his clients. I hope he can do something to distract peoples eyes from the huge scars I have.

I will keep everyone in the loop if this doctor will accept me as a patient and this tattoo artist 🙂

Tests, Tests and More Tests


So I finally gave in and saw a doctor about my heart burn. It is at a great clinic that has so many other facilities such as lab work, ultra sound area, xray area etc. Since I am not seeing my family doctor for my stomach problems ( she is over an hour away) I think this is a great place to go.

I saw one doctor who happens to also be an OB GYN which is good because he understands poly cystic ovaries disease ( which I have, yay me!) so when discussing medical issues and such he was well versed.

We discussed the heart burn, my band and fills and such in Korea. He decided to just order everything under the sun and we will work from there on what I should do (ie see a band doctor, which I know I should do but if this isn’t a band issue don’t rush it). I got blood work done ( to check everything since I haven’t had any done in Canada in years), an ultra sound of my entire torso (literally, it took forever to do) and a 3d view of my stomach. I havent seen the doctor yet for the results, but the lab tech was confused regarding my band because he says it is around my esophagus and not my stomach. It is strange to hear of bands slipping up so I have been in contact with DK and got him to send me my xrays that he has on file so I can show the doctor here to compare.

I also got some meds for the heart burn and I can’t believe how different my life has been the last week. I can eat anything now and I am eating healthier now (ie more protein), sleeping better (I always woke in the night with tummy troubles) and I havent had any pain in a week. I could die happy right now. I have no idea why I suffered for so long but I guess I grew used to feeling the way I did. Even my roommate is noticing a difference because we are not going through milk like its going out of fashion she says.

I get the results from this doctor who did the tests tomorrow and luckily for me there are general and bariatric surgeons associated with the medical clinic I went to and conveniently next door so if I need to see one, it won’t be hard to find one.

I haven’t stepped on the scale at all this week because I have been enjoying eating again, it is like getting an unfill, after not being able to eat for so long I just want to be happy and not worry about my weight. I have been gyming so I hope I am doing ok.