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Good riddance, goodbye band!


I can’t believe another year has past since I posted last. So much has happened. 

Bad news, I found out I’m celiac and allergic to almost 100 foods (the band is said to cause people these problems). The band has been unfilled for some time and when I tried fills again, I got so sick. The heartburn was terrible. Reducing foods I’m allergic to helped but didn’t solve it. 

I had an endoscope to check in my stomach but the doctor couldn’t see anything because apparently my stomach was still full of food I ate 16 hours prior. He made me take meds that help my stomach topush foods down. 

The next scope revelled the scariest thing imaginable, a YELLOW band right in the MIDDLE of my stomach! Yup, chokum decided to migrate into my stomach. It was clearly awhile ago because the band is supposed to be clear and white and it is now sunshine yellow. 

Band is scheduled to be removed in a month and I can’t wait. I am done with this life. It has been horrible. I am hoping  to last a month because the doctor poked the port to make sure my fill was completely out and first of all it was nearly impossible because the port has tilted but also when he did poke the port a little bit of coloured fluid came out. So there’s a chance I could get an infection before the surgery date. But I have no choice except to wait for this doctor to remove the band. 

Some might wonder why I don’t go back to Korea to remove the band  but since Dr K told me that my ‘files were accidentally deleted from his records’ as well as his move to a new hospital due to many lawsuits coming in like

Iiiiiiii think… I’ll pass. 


A NSV: Geez Whens The Last Time I Had One Of Those?


So for you newbies or people not too familiar with bandster terms, a NSV is a non scale victory. This is when things happen in our lives but not the scale.

So being as I am not really losing weight etc, I don’t have many scale victories.

Actually DK made me step on his scale yesterday and it read 71.8 kg ( I was 69 before), but since it was mid day, I had already eaten breaky, had 2 full drains and was wearing jeans, I knew the scale would be up. He still liked the number but guessed I should still be 69kg normal weight.

When I stepped on my scale this morning to feel better about yesterdays numbers it was 70.8 which is closer to 69 ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways! So I worked at Reitmans when I lived in Canada and was going to college. At that time I was doing the Berstein diet and bought some capris that didn’t fit but were one of my goal clothes.

I never made it to that goal. The capris, a size 5 ( so the third smallest size we had) stayed packed away in my closet with some other clothes I never thought I would wear but never got rid of. All of those clothes I believe now fit except the capris which I never tried ( unless I find more goal clothes I forgot about). These capris I brought back from Canada to Korea but never tried them on. I mean c’mon they are a size 5! I remember seeing them last year and thinking god they’re so small I might as well get rid of them!

So recently I got out my summer clothes and these capris were with them. Before I went to see DK yesterday I decided to try them on, to see how they fit. Well 4 years after buying them, I finally took off the price tag and WORE THEM!

Yes! Me! The piece of clothing that has been following me everywhere I go all this time finally fit! OMG

Of course I had to take a photo.

So anyways, I was so excited that they fit I didn’t want to take them off. I wore them to see DK and he was happy too with the news. We talked about sizes and I said I shouldn’t drop many more sizes or else I’ll need kids clothes. With only 10 lbs to lose I don’t think I will go any further down in sizes. My hips are just too big.

So this visit went well. I still don’t know why I saw him only 3 days after my last visit, but I am kind of glad I went in. I told him stories of A being bad, making appearances and tricking me with draining then not draining etc and so DK said we should just remove her. On average she was draining about 75cc which is more than twice the amount recommended before removing a drain, but I still have her sister so if fluid really wanted to leave my body it can find its way over to her.

So DK took the drain out and though I was afraid it would hurt I didn’t feel it. There had been a screaming patient in the room before me ( thought DK said he wasn’t doing much to cause her screaming)so I was trying to be the good quiet patient. Also with people like Lucy and Norma both showing me up ( getting surgery and leaving the hospital the SAME day) I think it is time I suck it up some.

So anyways DK took out the drain, AND gave me nearly 10 stitches in 3 different spots ( the drain area, and two problem areas) and I didn’t make a sound or ask for lidocaine (sp?). In all honesty it wasn’t that bad ๐Ÿ™‚

So I am down to one drain and don’t see DK again for a week. I really enjoy getting time off from the hospital because I swear I spend so much time there waiting and recovering. I actually don’t know what to do with myself on weekends now because I am so used to them being reserved for recovering and going to the hospital. How sad is that?

I hope by next Sunday I can get the other drain removed. However it is still draining over 125cc a day so I don’t know if that will be possible. I also have most of my stitches out now but maybe by next week I can have ALL of my stitches out ๐Ÿ™‚

Even my belly button is doing good. DK removed all the stitches from it ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday was a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

I am going to make you wait until the weekend for some new photos ๐Ÿ˜›

9 Weeks Post Op/ 2 Weeks Post Op


Since I have had two surgeries that are connected, I kind of have to post updates now on both areas.

I am now 9 weeks post op the last tummy tuck revision. Everything is healed from that now and my incision is really nice. I noticed this morning that on my left side my incision is so healed that if I touch the area where the incision was I can’t feel that I have a scar there. It is just smooth skin as ifย  nothing is there at all.

My right side isn’t too bad but the scar is a little bumpy.

As for my back incision things are still as they were since the last few days. I see DK again tomorrow, though I am not sure why since I only saw him 3 days ago and before that appointment he said I didn’t have to come back for a week.

I was hoping tomorrow I could lose my one drain that isn’t draining much, but it is still draining more than 35cc per day which is usually what is the max amount of fluid drained has to be before a doctor wants to take the drain out. I am going to talk to DK about this tomorrow but I doubt he will take it out.

My other drain is still draining more than 100cc. Gosh I wish they would both just stop. Even DK curses them for draining for so long. After the last surgery I had drains for over 5 weeks. That is just not normal!

In other news I really think my iron levels are getting better. The iron pills I was taking for the last little while were only 155mg and the instructions said to take it once a day. I started taking them 2 times a day because one a day didn’t seem to do much. No one has really been able to tell me how much iron we should take a day so I started looking up GNC and iron pills online and I found there are iron pills called Iron 18 that you take once a day that has 700mg of iron. No wonder the other 155mg a day pills weren’t doing much. Now I have the iron 18, folic acid 400 and b12 vitamins as well as a multi vitamin and a vitamin c vitamin ( so a total of 6 vits a day as my multi is 2x’s a day) and things are going good. I feel better and better each day.

As for the pain I am down to 1-2 Tylenol a day. Of course for me Advil always worked better for me but since bandsters can’t take anything like Advil and other NSAIDS, tylenol is all I can have. I find I need it if I have to be in the same position for a long period of time.ย  My back just feels like back pain and it isn’t that bad, my lipo hurts a little but only sometimes if I am sitting on a certain part of my thighs. Actually when I sit it is right above my knees so I usually have to sit at the edge of a seat so the sore area isn’t being bothered. As for my bruises for some reason they have just disappeared. Usually my bruises take weeks to go away and always move south. However this time around the bruises are just…. gone!

So here is my front. Everything but my belly button is 9 weeks post op. In other words my belly button is healing well this time around.

This is my better side. The drain isn’t draining that much and the incision is healing well.

This is the problem area side. The drain drains a lot still, there is a little open area ( that I might ask for staples or glue for) right at the front of the incision and if you look behind my drain there is a vertical line. This is the dent I had above my last incision. I hate to say it but I will probably have surgery last to fix this area ( it is not the only dent I have but I’ll discuss the other one later).

Here is my back. You can see on the right there is that dent that causes some strange bumping in my skin. The incision is ok, but the skin is getting really dry and annoyed with all the bandages.ย  Don’t mind the dark marks, that is the tape marks that is hard to remove since I can’t see the area unless I am looking in a mirror.

This photos shows how much better the brusing is. There is actually some bruising on my calves but this photo is taken from a distance so the camera didn’t capture the bruises. Over all though I could easily wear shorts and no one would think something was terribly wrong with my legs.

Belly Button, Oh Belly Button


One of my most hated parts of my body has always been my belly button. It has always been so big and deep. It has always been a huge pain to clean as well.

Over the years I have gotten used to it, but I hated when people would touch it. I hated when people would comment on it. Once an old boyfriend of mine was so surprised how deep it was and thought it was gross. Yea thanks hunny.

So before my tummy tuck surgery I took some photos of how deep my belly button is. Here they are to remind you ( or if you didn’t read my blog at the time)

You can see that my belly button is 2 knuckles deep!

Half a q-tip could fit in there!

Who on this earth can call that a normal belly button?

Here is my belly button ( still healing) It doesn’t look the best but it is better then before.

Here is how deep it is. It’s not deep at all! Even sticking it as far in as possible I can still see the cotton at the end of the q-tip. Hurraaayyy!!

I can’t wait to see how my belly button will look healed and pierced again. Maybe now I can get cute accessories and not have my belly button eat them every time I wear them ๐Ÿ™‚

Peek-a-boo! I See You! ( But I Don’t Want To!)


Sorry guys for being so MIA. Between work being a little busy, recovering and being super tired I haven’t had much time to do much of anything.

So since this last surgery I have had two drains. They are A and M.K after the famous child stars from full house. Now most of the time these two behave. They are good at sharing but A seems to hog more of my fluids. M.K fooled me well today giving me hope she was ready to leave the nest but alas when I went to see DK she suddenly started sucking my body of fluid making DK make the decision that I must keep her a few more days.

A has been a pretty good drain, however M.K is proving to want some of the lime light. She won’t stop making appearances! First the other day in the middle of class she came out to my students. Luckily they were distracted and no one questioned what she was doing just hanging at my side. She then decided she wanted to come out and play again on my way home. Thankfully no one was around then to see her. She behaved well all today but after my visit to DK she felt she wasn’t getting a lot of attention and came out again. Sorry M.K it is dark so no can see you anyways.

Hopefully her and her sister behave until I see DK next. Also fingers crossed she is ready to leave the nest come the next visit. I’d love to only have one drain.

As for my incision things are healing ok. DK removed a few more stitches and said all is well. The only problems areas are more at my front where he has done surgery before. We discussed my incision which I believe is a little too high at the back and he said he could change it but I said we are waiting as I want to be normal for a while and definitely heal more as I am still seeing changes in my stomach and that surgery was 2 months ago! I don’t want to rush into another surgery on my back with it still swollen we already know that doesn’t work well.

In other news I am not sure if I mentioned but DK started advertising on the bases in Korea for foreigners who are interested in surgery. My photo is included in this advertisement so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t know anyone in the military. DK only had a few photos of me until today.

When I arrived at his hospital he had his photographer who was conveniently there take some photos of us. God only knows where those photos will end up. I hope that photographer will be kind in my photos as I look flushed thanks to my run to the hospital, I am wearing a pink bra under my white shirt and my blue t money card was sticking out of my bra as I didn’t have any pockets to put it in when I left the subway station. I hope to never see those photos hahahhaha. I have had one hell of a day and I haven’t even made it home yet.

So to home I head a few stitches less and still with both drains. I am trying to avoid S, Kb (Remember the Korean boy who I met on the train 3 weeks after my first band surgery, who has made an appearance back in my life) and the new KB LJ until I get my drains out. Fingers crossed my next visit will have better results with these drains.

Let the normal life begin soon.

P.S A very Happy Birthday to the Devil, even though evil people shouldn’t get birthdays :p

This Alien Is Green With Envy Of Another Bandster


So as I have posted before, I recently had a friend who lived in the same city as me get banded by DK. I told her about my surgery last summer and she finally decided to get it done too.

It has been fun having a friend close by with the band who I can chat to about things since no one else knows I am banded.

Now when Lucy got banded she decided she wasn’t going to keep her band a secret. She doesn’t scream it from the roof tops but she doesn’t make up excuses for her eating habits etc like me.

This past weekend, Lucy and I got together with some friends as she is moving to a new city soon and it was this event that caused me to be envious of her.

Now most people we were out with knew she was banded and the topic would come up a few times during the night. Each time it was discussed Lucy would not hold back and would just tell people the truth and each person she discussed this with had no problems or negative things to say about her decision to get banded. During the night one person was challenging her to why she didn’t have to drink an entire beer in one shot and she said she had a valid reason. When this person asked why she explained to him the surgery and his response was simply wow how do you feel, that’s great you’ve lost weight etc.

So here I am, a closet bandster afraid to tell a soul of what I have done and there is Lucy across the table from me telling people she is banded and there were no negative responses.

Everyone was encouraging, everyone was thoughtful, everyone was congratulating her and full of questions but not one person was negative.

All this time, all these months I have been afraid to sometimes even eat out for fear that people would bug me or ask me if I had weight loss surgery and yet in a group of 10 people everyone was supportive of Lucy. That just blows me away.

Another thing I envy about Lucy is her control with food. I am so used to when I eat out with others, I eat a little more than my normal amount to look normal. Since everyone knew Lucy was banded she ate what she could and then simply gave the rest away. No one questioned it because they knew why she was full faster. After dinner and drinks, there was some food around and I definitely ate more than she did. Now I know its bad to compare but it seems she has better control over her eating then me at the moment. I really need to work more on my head hungry and stop letting the opinions of others control my intake amounts. Did I need to eat that much dinner no. Did I need to eat the food served while we were drinking no, but since I couldn’t drink alcohol and was tired of drinking water all night I resorted to food.

When I finally realized that I had been munching out of pure boredom out of habit( only sober one in a drunk bunch) I called it a night and went home. At least I kind of know when to stop.

Maybe I should consider another fill, but right now with my healing still going on I don’t really feel like getting poked again any time soon.

I can’t wait to go back to the gym so I can work on losing these last 10 lbs. C’mon drains go away! As soon as you’re gone my gym and I will have daily dates together.

8 Weeks Post Op / 1 Week Post Op: Does It Ever Stop


Gosh, oh gosh, since last February I have been fill-in-the-blank weeks post op from something. I am so glad that the summer is coming so I can spend more than just a few weeks post op before another surgery. I can’t wait to be normal again. I look forward to being drain free, pain free and stitch free.

Speaking of stitches, I went to see DK yesterday and things went well. Things are changing at the hospital since he is getting more and more busy with patients so now he has another doctor help with post-op care.

After dealing with DK 1-2 timesย  per week for the last 1.5 years, it is a little strange to have someone else deal with my post op care but this doctor is really good. She is shy and not so talkative but for anyone who knows DK she is great to have to deal with because she is so much more gentle ( sorry DK).

Anyways so I went to see DK and saw this doctor first. She checked my belly button and said things were healing well but just to be safe decided to be extra careful with my bad belly button history and used some glue on certain parts. This is only the second time I have had glued on me, but the glue really seemed to work the last time DK used it on me so fingers crossed my belly button will heal fast with the glue.

Next she took a look at my back. Since I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, though I can see some parts of the incision looking at the rest of the incision with a mirror just doesn’t have the same feeling of seeing something heal with my own eyes. Therefore a doctor taking a look at my back makes me feelย  better.

Again she said things were looking good and then even started to remove some of my stitches! I was a little surprised because I am only one week post op this surgery and the last surgery I kept all my stitches in for over a month but I guess since this is new untouched skin, it is healing faster. Yaaayyyy ๐Ÿ™‚

DK then stopped in to double check everything, said things were going well, that I wouldn’t need anymore meds (though he gave me some meds for nausea as it sometimes bothers me) and said I don’t need to come back for a whole week!

A WHOLE WEEK! I know this might not sound exciting for you guys, but since my March surgery I have had to go see DK 2-3 times a week because something was always wrong. My belly button wouldn’t heal or I would have problems with my incision, or drains etc, but this time things are going good!

I also had another CBC done while I was there to check my hemoglobin and it didn’t come back that good (8.0) but DK said I didn’t need to have a blood transfusion, just keep taking vitamins and we will check my blood again soon.

Though 8.0 is lower then 8.9 that I had a few weeks ago, I feel like I am in better condition then a few weeks ago. I really though my level would be higher. Well fingers crossed it keeps going up. I have been taking tons of vitamins which I feel like it isn’t doing much but it is better then doing nothing.

So I left the hospital a little glued up, a few stitches less and still with my drains. I don’t measure my daily amount but I can easily say I drain almost 400cc a day. I know this seems impossible but I have 2 drains and I empty them every 5-6 hours and they are always pretty full. Like I said in a post before the drains seem to drain faster if they are more empty ( more suction maybe?) so that is why I drain then more often. Plus when I am out etc if there is an accident and the drains leak or someone sees them I don’t want them to see a full drain. Up until 3 days ago the fluid was still dark and almost red but now they are a lighter organgey colour. Hopefully when I see DK in a week ( well Thursday as I hate Saturdays because its always too busy at the hospital) I can have maybe one of the drains removed. Fingers crossed guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways on to the most exciting part of any post…. photos!

Everything looks good in the front. C’mon belly button heal so I can be stitch free!

Same with my left side. I โค only having one incision which means only one scar!

Now here is an interesting thing about my right side. Here I look normal but when I look down I see a little bulge and I tried to capture it and was successful.

If I turn in a little different way, there it is. I hope it is just swelling or fluid from my back but who knows. Either way there is nothing I’ll do about it just fingers crossed it goes down.

Things are looking good with the incision. You can see some areas where there aren’t as many stitches. I feel like my body looks a little strange, since now my upper back is bigger then my lower back.

And saving the best for last here are my legs. Lovely aren’t they? Luckily it doesn’t hurt as much as it looks. Soon those bruises will migrate south down my calves, to my ankles and my feet. After that I will be normal again ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t stepped on the scale since I left DK’s on Tuesday. I know I won’t like the number and it isn’t my true weight so why bother right?

The Weirdest Thing On My Body


Even though I have had my belly button my entire life, it is now the weirdest thing on my body.

See I swear I have been over weight since the day after I was born so my belly button has never been something I have liked. It was always big, and deep and I hated anyone touching my stomach because that was near my belly button.

DK has done surgery involving my belly button 7 times now (band in, band out, band in, Jan surgery 2 times, March surgery and this past Monday’s surgery) and each time it has changed so much. On Monday, DK cut out my belly button, moved it more to the left and removed the scar tissue that was casuing it to look funny. Since he had to restitch it so many times after my March surgery, it was kind of like my stomach where the outside was big and then in the middle it got tight ( like the band was around it) and the inside my belly button was big again. Though this bothered me a bit I was willing to live with it but DK changed it again and now it is just weird!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my belly buttonย  it is just it is now normal and I am not used to that. When DK first showed me my belly button on Tuesday I looked at it confused and asked “What is that in the center, it looks weird but there are no stitches how did you do that?” Dk simply laughed and said “J that is the center of your belly button, that is how it is supposed to look!”

WHhhhaaatttt? I can see to the end of my belly button? I don’t think that has ever happened before! I mean I lost weight before and could almost see inside my belly button but nothing like this. So that is why it is so strange to me! I have a small, shallow belly button!

I know it is hard to see and doesn’t look that exciting but my belly button looks so much better in person. Also is it just me or does it look like it is closer to my vertical scar?

As for the rest of my body, everything is healing beautifully. On Monday night I had some bad leak incidences so I was a little worried what my bandages would look like last night but when I took them off my incisions had barely leaked at all! They are already healing so nicely!

So here it is, my back incision.

I know it might be hard to tell but man oh man is my back really swollen around my tattoo.

I know these photos are not the best, I am still trying to work with my other camera to get things to work. Though I am keeping my mouth shut about how I feel about this incision I will note one thing….. I ONLY HAVE ONE INCISION! Dk was succesful in being able to turn the two incisions into one โค

Remember this is how it looked before surgery.

Gosh that took out a good amount of skin ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is my other side. You can kind of see how swollen my back is. My stomach is a little swollen as well.

Lastly here is a photo of my lipo that was done on my legs. I remember a while back someone commented on how they thought lipo would leave more bruises, well here you are!

And yes it is as painful as it looks. Between my back hurting and my legs hurting there is no way I’d go clubbing this time around after lipo ๐Ÿ˜›

I will try to post better photos in a few days. As for check ups I see DK today and hopefully he will like how things are healing.

I won’t know until maybe Saturday how my iron level is. I am taking iron pills, multivitamins and eating lots of iron rich foods. I feel a little better each day and hopefully can avoid another blood transfusion on Saturday.

Fingers crossed please ๐Ÿ™‚

Freeedddooommmm But At A Price


Sorry I haven’t updated sooner but things have been busy here. Of course if you have been reading you know that I was in the hospital.

Yesterday was the last day I could stay at the hospital because I have to work today till Friday and then get the weekend off.

I had a CBC done yesterday after the 2 pints of blood I got Monday but I guess it didn’t do much. My hemoglobin level was at 7.8.

DK said I could go home ( I kind of had no choice) but the nurses wanted me to stay for a few more hours to get more blood. I agreed because I was under the impression I was going to get the blood right away. Turns out I had to wait 2 hours to get the blood then 3-4 hours for it to get into my system. Since it was already late in the afternoon and buses don’t run late from Seoul to where I live, I had to decline the transfusion and leave the hospital.

So I got my freedom but it was at a price, my iron is low and there is little chance of it getting better on its own.

So here I am at work, trying to take it easy and appear normal with a quite low iron level.

I see DK tomorrow to check my incisions ( its hard for me to keep everything perfect since the incisions are on my back), and check the drains etc. I plan to see him again on Saturday and if my iron level is still low I can get blood transfusions then.

As for the incisions, everything looks good. As usual I won’t say much about how I feel about my incisions until the swelling goes down.

Right now I have two drains, which is a little weird because I have never had two before at the same time, but I for sureย  need them. This morning alone while getting ready one drain filled up 2 times ( so 200cc total) in 30 minutes!

I have honestly lived for so long with drains so far this year ( what 8 weeks? 9 weeks I can’t remember), it is sad to say but I am used to it. I know what outfits work best with hiding the drains, I know what pants I can fit in etc without even having to look in my closet.

I stepped on the scale while at the hospital and I mega gained weight. My scale when I left home on Saturday said I weighed 70.2 kg but DK’s scale at the hospital said I was 73.7kg! That’s more than 6 pounds I have gained because of these surgeries.

However I can understand why I have gained so much weight because I am so swollen. My thighs are huge because of the lipo, my butt is swollen because there was lipo done below it and an incision cut above it and of course my back is swollen.

I am having some camera difficulties so there are not as many photos as I usually post to show you guys everything. However here are some taken when I got home last night.

Here is my not so sticking out sides and my belly button that DK fixed.

Ok I might not look so swollen here but I swear I am. If you look really closely at my butt you might see one of the bandages covering the incision from my lipo.ย  The tape job isn’t so good because my incisions were leaking so bad I had to keep putting more and more gauze over it.

Ok I know this photo is super dark but my other camera I am using for pixs was giving me problems.ย  You can see my leg shape is all weird, my butt is swollen and that I am taped all the way around my back.

I’ll try to take better photos tonight when I change my bandages. Yesterday after my big trek home and getting the animals back in order I was too tired to do anything but sleep.

Today I am pumping myself full of iron rich foods ( or so I am told) and hopefully that, plus my meds and my iron pills will help me out a little. Some things on todays menu include almonds, tomato soup, vitamin drinks, shrimp, canned tomatoes with spinach, chicken and cheese.

Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Alien โ€œPin Cushion” Bandit Or PC For Short


If one more nurse comes at me with an iv I might start turning the tables on them.

I have had count ’em 6 yes SIX Ivs in my hand. First it was 18g in my right hand that lasted till Sunday. Sunday I got 24g, that lasted till Monday. Since for surgery you need a bigger size needle, they put in a 20g when my vein collapsed. Yesterday was followed by 22g then 20g which they needed for my belly button surgery.

After surgery they kept that size for my blood transfusion. 2 pints took nearly 5 hours ( not normal but I kept moving around I’m getting restless here!) and I didn’t go to sleep till 1am but was awake by 230. Sleeping aids, sedation etc nothing works for my sleep here.

After the blood transfusions they capped the iv needle hoping to use it this morning. I screamed bloody murder as they tried to give me antibiotics this morning. Well there goes that needle.

After a few hours the nurse came in. She brought with her an 18g needle to put in my right arm (all others were in my left). Here I thought the other nurses were good at doing Ivs but turns out that the bigger the iv, the more it hurts. This nurse was gentle but it hurt like hell.

I see DK in a few hours for another CBC and if my iron is good I can go home. If not I have to have another pint of blood.

The only problem with all of this is that, what a surprise I must work tomorrow. Luckily I feel ok but I couldn’t stay any longer even if I didn’t have to work. The sitters have been kind enough to watch some of the zoo for this extra unplanned night while, the last of the zoo is still home alone ripping apart my apartment I sure.

I have a feeling DK will want me back everyday to check my drains and incisions since they are on my back. Good bye rest, hello 8 hour work days followed by a 5 hour round trip to Seoul.

Thank god this is a short week. I only work 3 days if anything goes wrong I can spend the next weekend at the hospital again (but only one night).

This bandit is so done with these major surgeries. DK says I’m not complete yet but I told him we’re taking the summer off. Normal life here I come soon…. I hope.