Tests, Tests and More Tests


So I finally gave in and saw a doctor about my heart burn. It is at a great clinic that has so many other facilities such as lab work, ultra sound area, xray area etc. Since I am not seeing my family doctor for my stomach problems ( she is over an hour away) I think this is a great place to go.

I saw one doctor who happens to also be an OB GYN which is good because he understands poly cystic ovaries disease ( which I have, yay me!) so when discussing medical issues and such he was well versed.

We discussed the heart burn, my band and fills and such in Korea. He decided to just order everything under the sun and we will work from there on what I should do (ie see a band doctor, which I know I should do but if this isn’t a band issue don’t rush it). I got blood work done ( to check everything since I haven’t had any done in Canada in years), an ultra sound of my entire torso (literally, it took forever to do) and a 3d view of my stomach. I havent seen the doctor yet for the results, but the lab tech was confused regarding my band because he says it is around my esophagus and not my stomach. It is strange to hear of bands slipping up so I have been in contact with DK and got him to send me my xrays that he has on file so I can show the doctor here to compare.

I also got some meds for the heart burn and I can’t believe how different my life has been the last week. I can eat anything now and I am eating healthier now (ie more protein), sleeping better (I always woke in the night with tummy troubles) and I havent had any pain in a week. I could die happy right now. I have no idea why I suffered for so long but I guess I grew used to feeling the way I did. Even my roommate is noticing a difference because we are not going through milk like its going out of fashion she says.

I get the results from this doctor who did the tests tomorrow and luckily for me there are general and bariatric surgeons associated with the medical clinic I went to and conveniently next door so if I need to see one, it won’t be hard to find one.

I haven’t stepped on the scale at all this week because I have been enjoying eating again, it is like getting an unfill, after not being able to eat for so long I just want to be happy and not worry about my weight. I have been gyming so I hope I am doing ok.



New Blog, As If I Have Time


Well gang for anyone who is in is Ontario, and interested in reading about the scene mostly in the GTA- my roommate and I have created a sort of anonymous blog about our exersions in Toronto.

Since my roomie is a writer, I shouldn’t be surprised we somehow came up with this idea, so I will try to stay up with my writing here as well as writing on there since I will already be on wordpress.

Anyone can feel free to read it, however please keep in mind that my roomie does not know of this blog, my surgeries or my crazy life in Korea etc. So letsssss keep that on the down load.

In your URL just replace alienbanditinkorea with keeponfishing and it will bring you to the page.

Focusing on the point of this blog, I still haven’t seen a band doctor. I am going to book an appointment to see the $500 a pop doctor soon and get an unfill. My heartburn has died down but not enough that I wouldn’t be worried.

I am still holding steady at 160-162 on the scale. The New Year brings in a new opportunity for working out and losing weight and with an avid gymer in the house, hopefully things will move in the right direction here. 

One thing that has significantly changed is my eating habits. I now mostly cook for two and we want to have the same healthy eating habits so that motivates me more.

Hope everyone is able to stick to their New Years resolutions. I sure as heck I can stay focused on mine.

First Photos of 2013


Here are some recent photos. It was interesting trying to find a spot to take these photos as I have recently moved again and things are a little unorganized. I can’t believe its been so long since I have posted some pics so without anymore stalling here they are

ImageThis is the best part of my scar, very light but sadly the dimple on my right is sometimes noticeable.

ImageMy port looks like its my hip bone, but it really isn’t. ImageThis shows that back dimple a little better… grrr! At least my scar looks good. I can’t wait to cover it 🙂

ImageMy scar isnt that bad in the front but will be hard to explain. I don’t think I’ll cover it with a tattoo. My port doesn’t look like it sticks out much in this photo however…….


In a different light with no flash, my port really stands out. Oh well!

Post Summary 2011-2012


Wow 2 posts in one day! Well here are Year 3’s most important posts, EHHHHHHHHHHH?! has it been 3 years already?! How time flies when you’re having fun. I hope everyone is still following me, learning with me, losing weight ( not really like me) and enjoying the new life their band is giving them.

28/21 Weeks post op

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8.5 Months Post Op Pics

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Postop Scar Revision

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Back in Business :)


Omg FINNNALLLLLYYY! I can write again!

I have no idea what was going on with wordpress, but it wouldn’t let me type for weeks!
I have so much to catch up on.

Don’t worry I am working on my 2011-2012 top posts of the year. I will post that soon and give you some up-to-date photos since it’s been a long time. I can’t wait til I can tattoo over the scars, only 4 more months!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Holy Crap Its December??!?!!


Hey guys! I have been so wrapped up with work I have been megggaaa slacking in all other parts of my life.

Quick upate 🙂

I found a doctor not too far from me who did fills for under $100 but needs a doctors note. DK sent me one but by the time I went to go to the doctor, she no longer offered fills! *tear*

I do have a backup doctor who is $500 a fill and I realllllllyyy need an unfill but I literally have no time to go there. It would either be go write an exam or go get an unfill 😦

My eating habits have taken a bad turn because I am so busy but for some reason I have gone down in weight. I am now 160 lbs…. weird right?!

However, my body doesn’t look nice at all. I have gained in my face and my butt. I seriously thought I was at least 172lbs when I saw pictures of myself.

I am moving in January, to a place where my new roomie is crazy into healthy eating and gyming so we are gonna try to do a gluten free ( as much as possible) diet and live off groupon ( online coupons) for gyming deals in our area. My gym at school is free but I seriously never have time and I am more motivated to go when I have a partner 🙂

Hope everyone is all set for Christmas! What are your New Years resolutions?

Wow Time Flies


Soooooooo October is always the month for the anniversary of my surgeries. October 1st a year ago I got my new boobs, October 10th 3 years ago I got my first band, and 2 years ago I started with my tummy tuck journey.
As for me, things have been so busy I haven’t had any time to go to the gym. I have been eating very well and having small portions but I am still at the same weight. If I over eat I am 162, if I barely eat ( I just got over the flu) I’m 162, and if I eat well I am 162. That seems to be the number my body wants to stay at GRRRRRRRRRR!!

Anyways, I am going to try to make my summary post of the last year like I do every year, sometime soon. I have a hectic schedule right now and barely have time for sleep or eating 😦



Ok so I realize its been an eternity since I posted some pics. I am sure you were all anxiously waiting each day to see if I posted new ones (what? no? ah thats ok). Here are some new photos of my lovely scars.

Here is a short recap.

Me in February before the hole from hell.

Hole from hell in March




Now I am not going to lie, the camera appears to have made the scar look lighter then what it actually is but it is still better then what it was the last few months. Do I like the scar? no. Do I regret the scar revision from hell? No, because the scar I had before was raised and painful. Luckily even though this wound wouldn’t heal at first, it is flat and I have no pain there. Would I redo all the tummy tuck surgeries? no. If I had known I was going to be in Korea as long as I was ( not planned which was why I rushed the surgeries) I would have waited til DK agreed to do the originally full tummy tuck surgery and not the 3 I had (because I didnt like the end results so I had the incision increased longer).

Overall though, my body now compared to 3 years ago is so much more amazing and I can’t go back to change the past but I can go forward and learn from the past. Scars are like a tattoo, they tell the journey you’ve been on that has gotten you to where you are today (well in my case my scars are going to be covered with tattoos later but anyyywayyyysss)

2 years ago

Today. Yup I’ll keep this body thanks!

BTW Marco whom you can see in the lower left half of my body sticking out, says “Annyoh!” (hello)

I Feel Like Ive Been Hit By A Bus….


and I LOVE IT!

So being back at school has its cons (mega stress, homework, mega broke) but there is one pro that always out weighs the bad A GYM!

Now I am not at the school I was originally planning on going to so I have been a bit nervous about starting out at this gym. I have gone 3 times this week so far and doing well. At first I was shy to go around and use the machines because there are so many guys around and they are all “HHHHHUUUHHHH HHUUUHHHHH AAHHHHHHHH!” all the time. I swear if I closed my eyes I would assume I was being zapped into some jungle full of apes and monkeys all around me.

Anyways so I avoid the free weight area as it seems the “guy” zone and use some of the other weight machines in the gym plus cardio. Friday when the gym was really dead I decided to walk over that imaginary line to where no woman seems to travel and used the weights and was light on my cardio, O.M.F.G! I am sore! But I love that I am back into the routine of going to the gym and hopefully I can drag some of my classmates along with me so I have someone else to do weights and such with me. Everyone says they will come but I have a feeling I am going to be dragging a few by their hair to get them in.

My plan is to get a personal trainer and see them once a week, do a class of some sort at the gym once a week and work out on my own or with friends 2 times a week, This is all of course depending on my schedule. We shall see.

For now I am holding steady at 162 lbs ( boooooooo!) but I am already noticing a difference in my arms just from 3 work outs. Watch out world! I am doing this 🙂